Finally Time to Sell the 1985 4Runner 4/19/2014

Location: Los Angeles


Bought from originial owner in 1998 with 62k miles in Ventura CA. Installed OME springs, mild 2.5" lift in 1999. The original springs did not last that long at all. These are the best and most expensive springs out there. $1200 back in 90's money. Got the whole package: springs and shocks. New constant velocity driveshaft to prevent vibration from the lift. Only the springs and the side bars are modified. Everything else are original.

Engine gasket went out at 130k in 2005. The 22RE is a bullet proof engine, but the head gasket needs to be changed every 100k. Got a brand new OEM crate engine from Toyota (Not rebuild or remanufactured). All OEM parts used for the new engine. Short block, head, cam, gaskets etc. No expense spared. Have all receipts.

Currently truck has 148k. Has been sitting under a car cover since rebuilt. Truck has been meticulously maintained. Everything works. Everything has been carefully maintained and documented on this website.

Disclosure: There are 4 small rust thru spots. 3 on the windshield and one on top of the rain gutter. Sanded those spots to bare metal and epoxied over them. Did not paint over them, so you can see the size of it. Don't expect this to be a concours example, but a solid well taken care of truck that has been babied all its life.

There is really no time for this truck right now. Have not used it for years since the kids, and don't see using it in the near future either.


31" tire and rim.

Toyota service tool to maintain the front axel knuckle. This is about the only tool needed for perfect alignment to keep this truck running forever. Pretty rare tool. Other people just rebuild the front end and don't align it. I wanted the tool to make it perfect. OEM Toyota seal and bushing for the front knuckle. Not installed. Don't need it yet, but is there in case the front needs a rebuilt.

Front vent window and OEM seals. Have not installed it yet, but got everything needed to install a vent window. Vent windows are great. Once you use them, you don't go back.


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All parts necessary to service the front knuckle. The knuckle is still very good, but is a potential wear area. All the parts are genuine Toyota parts. The rare tool to center the knuckle is included. This is the way the truck has typically been maintained using many OEM part for maximum reliability.

The triangular rubber gasket is the for vent windows (not shown). Was going to install them, but have no time. All parts for the vent window are included.


Drive shaft to knuckle alignment tool.


Rare TRD Limited slip differential. Unit has been rebuild. Suppose to be very durable. Again, no time to install. Didn't want a locker. Save wear and tear on the drivetrain.


Truck is under car cover most of the time. Truck is not broken, but rather, I drive other cars to save wear and tear on the truck.


30" tires with Toyota rims. Didn't want to go larger again to limit drivetrain wear.