To rebuild or not to rebuild... that is the question.

Getting a brand new engine from Toyota sound ludicrous. Either you are Bill Gates or you love to throw away money to the dealer. However, after pricing a new engine, is that that much off from a quality rebuild. Engine block from DOE is about $2200. Brand new ones from Toyota is only $1550.Engines from the infamous ATK is $1600. From the horror stories I hear, is a gamble whether you will get a good one or not. You could easily be out another $1k if something goes wrong.Plus all the down time. By then you are close to a new engine. I plan on driving the truck for another 200k, and is a daily driver. New engine is the only way to go.

New engine from Toyota by buying all the piece parts Total price: $2694 to $3125 depending on amount of OEM parts content. Cam and rocker arm assy not included.