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This may be the most important download for your Toyota truck: Factory parts diagram and number. The EPC has a very powerful database. You can enter the VIN number off you car, and it will only display parts that are applicable to your model. This ends confussion over what year and part you need. Most importantly, you get the part number.

Toyota EPC Link

Web based EPC

At the bottom of the page is a download for the EPC program. You will need to burn two CDs to install onto a computer. After that, you can find all the factory part numbers for your truck. With the part number, you can get price quots online from some of the parts vendor below.

Toyota use to support their vehicle for at least 20 years. Around 2011, the decided to cut the support to only 10 years. Many engine parts are still available, but interior pieces with different colors will be first to go followed by other less used parts.


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Search by parts number? Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Feature Genuine Toyota parts. In San Diego Parts made by same manufacture as OEM parts. Some parts may not be OEM. Genuine Toyota parts. In PA Cheapest of them all!!!! - In Washington State Have to send request and wait for reply Genuine Toyota parts Let you look up Toyota part number. Very limited number of parts however. Not OEM, but good price. Brand new cylinder head with valves $380! Not OEM parts, but very low price
Price Sample                  
15100-35020 Oil pump 164.71 75.25 160.59 148.24 164.71     48 76.79 Beck/Arnley
11400-35043 New Engine short block with piston and crank 1593.60   1553.76 1434.24 1532.94        
31210-24020 Clutch Pressure Plate 94.00 / 102.62* 49.98 Remanufactured? 91.65/100.05* 84.60 94.00 128.27      
Vendor   Toyota Parts Cheap Toyota Parts Zone Toyota Parts East          
    They have a searchable catalog. Searchable catalog. Nice picture catalog          



Blade screw: 90099-00913 Size M3.5X .6 for wiper.




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