Terry Johnson's 19th Annual Death Valley Run

The first time I went on Terry Johnson's Death Valley run was 1999. Since then, I was married and have kids. Terry will also be getting married, and will have a family.

Meeting at Econolodge as usual.

Terry had a broken stud on the steering knuckle. Was fixed with a replacement bolt from local hardware store.

Line up at the Trona Pinnacles.


First stop at ghost town of Ballarat in the Panamint Valley. Little known is that the truck outside is Charles Manson's Dodge Powerwagon

Midway up Roger's Pass.

Top of Roger's pass. the wooden bridge and chicken rock is closed, so Roger's pass is no longer a loop. During the previous year's Panamint Valley days, 2 trucks rolled over at the bridge, so the Forest Service closed the path. Only motorcycles can go thru it.

Dune buggy also made it up Roger's pass. These are open differential rear wheel drive. Engine in the back of the car keep most of the weight there for traction just a Dr Porsche intended the VW bug to be. They use separate left and right cutting brake to stop one wheel from spinning if they get into a traction situation. Mainly, they use momentum to get thru most obstacles.

View to the East of Roger's Pass into Death Valley. Behind us is Panamint Valley.

We drove along the ridge of Roger's Pass, and into a valley at the top of the mountain. Quite a desolate place. Very beautiful.

Nice deserted valley.

Path down Roger's pass. Some bush wacking.

Had to leave after the first day. Bridge building contest was due the following week.

Picture at Ridgecrest.