Terry's 20th Death Valley Trip

Ranger station at Stove Pipe Wells

First route: Talcum mine near Stovepipe Wells

Air down prior to going into Echo Canyon

Saw some mountain goats on the trail.

A diff used for some kind of mixer at the Inyo mine.

Dry water fall at Echo canyon. KLR650 being pushed up.

A custom 4WD Astro van had to be winched up the first waterfall. It was part of the group with the motorcycle. It had a nifty winch in front of the van. By the way the driver was using it, you could tell he must have used it many times before.

Terry's co-worker going up the first waterfall

Second waterfall.

Brian going up the second waterfall

I made it up the first waterfall

Failed the first attempt at second waterfall

Terry and Brian helped stack some rocks.

After two three tries, made it up the second one.

Everyone in our group made it up the waterfall without winching.

It was a long way out of Echo Canyon. Finally reached pavement that bought us to within 20 miles of Beatty.

Nick sunset.

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