Vaccum Locker

I was quite interested when I heard that there is a vacuum locking differential available for Toyota. See what you think... Cost is $800. Price is comparible to an ARB locker with air compressor.

Hi Ben,
Thanks for your email inquiry re our Lockers.
We need more information on what Model Toyota do you have ??,
Pickup or Landcruiser. We have Air Lockers for both and Vacuum Locker also
for Pickup - we will have Landcruiser 100 Series Lockers available shortly.
Let us know what you have.
At present we do not have a USA Distributor for our Toyota Lockers, only a
distributor for our Land Rover Lockers & Diff Components in Salt Lake City.
We can sell direct for the Toyota Lockers (price in USDLRS ex-Works here +
freight to you) - you will need to advise your "final destination" of Goods
to quote freight cost (either airfreight or by Post) and vehicle details.
You can view our Vacuum Lockers on our Web Site (
and have attached a photo of our Air Locker for Land Cruiser for your
reference, if it is a L/Cruiser you have.
Await to hear from you on above before we can quote further.
Regards - Jeff McNamara

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or Phone +613 9555 2213 or Fax +613 9555 0251
Hi Ben,
We do manufacture a Toyota Pickup Locker (same Diffs as 4Runner), it works on the Engine Vacuum, this method avoids having to have
an Air Compressor to work the Locker.
You fit a Vacuum Actuator on the rear of the Banjo Housing to Lock & Unlock the Diff. We have proven this design is better than other
Lockers we know of, the Carrier is super strong and reliable, a Dash mounted L.E.D. Light changes color from green when Unlocked to red
when fully Locked.
Full Fitting Instructions supplied and a simple Jig is included to position the Mounting Plate which the Actuator bolts on to.
Price - USDLRS800.00 per Unit Ex-Works here (Front or Rear Unit) PLUS freight to your end destination ??.
Payment - prepaid by T/T (Wire) overseas remittance by your bank direct to our nominated Bank A/c here prior to dispatch of Goods
required. Proforma Invoice details can be faxed or emailed once your final requirements confirmed.