Nikon Info:

NEF4NX2 Convert RAW file from D750 into useable format for NX2.

RAW2NEF Converter. Nikon has this great Capture NX2 editing software. Convert newer camera files to older NEF so Capture NX2 software can be used.

Nikon list of lens and serial numbers.

Fix manual focus Nikon lens.

Connect Nikon camera to PC.

Thom Hogan - Authority on Nikons

Nikon Techniques - NPhotos

Nikon CLS Flash - How to use them.

Nikon comparison chart

Nikon Flash comparison chart.

Different Nikon Lens:


How to identify AI and AIS:

Other brand lense: Size comparison of different camera. Must see site if camera size is important to you.

Dandelion Chip - Computer chip for manual focus lens.

Modify a AI-S lens to accept a Dandelion chip.

Hot-Pixel Suppression for astro photography. -Nikon had an issue with hot pixel discovered by Marianne Oelund.

Canon Experience Centers in Los Angeles

Nikon film viewfinder magnification.

Piccure+ - Used to remove chromatic abberation on 135mm f2 DC lens.

Lens comparison: - Great site that have visual comparison of many different lens. Don't deal with mumbo jumbo MTF, just look at the final results.

Zeiss MTF Guide - You want the mumbo jumbo MTF, this is probably the most complete description. Look for link in middle of the page.

Photozone - Have MTF numbers on different lens.

Lens Tips - Has a lot of good reviews.

Techincal Info:

Huge site of technical info on lens, camera, math etc all written by Douglas Kerr. All in .pdf files. Pretty amazing wealth of info. Look at the exposure calibration and reflectance.

How auto focus work, both phase detect and contrast detect. This is the best site. - Way more indepth at Canon.

Taking apart the D7000. He also has many interesting technical articles. Their business is lens rental, but he studies camera on the side and write blogs. - Interesting technical articles.

Using histogram to adjust exposure. For shotting in RAW.

Problem with using focusing screens. Exposure is off. Also, the split prism gets dark at around f4.

Disassembly of Nikon lens.

Lens Manuals - Owners manual and Repair manual. Just search for the lens, there might be a manual.

Equivalence - Discussion on different size sensors. How performance of one sensor should be compared to another.

Disassemble 70-210 f4 lens.

Download grey card and color theory and info.

Sensor Analysis Primer - Technical analysis on sensor. Dynamic range is reduced as ISO increase. - Single page with lots of engineering information on sensor. Huge site of technical information. - Summary of sensor statistics.

Cut away view of camera. - Want to see what makes them so expensive.

Joseph James Photography - He practically wrote a book. Highly technical and informative about photographic science. Very knowledgeable.

MIT Photography course

Auto focus system design. - Post on DPReview

Passport Color Checker - Color card to get realistic color in camera.

FlowtographyBerlin - Must see the common photograph myths, and does lens sharpness make a difference. Interesting review on Nikon 50mm lens.

The Last Word - Very indepth blog on photography sensor design, ISO, sharpness etc.

Sensor ISO amplification methodology.

Graphical description of autofocus.

Joel Robinson photography - Really like this artist. So good that this guy Achraf Baznani stole his work. Not cool at all. He just does not have the same flair. Discussion


General Photo Info:

Focal length


depth of field

Additive and Subtractive Color: Important for photoshop.

Nice pictures site:

Camera sales statistic. CIPA - Great site with lots of tips.

Luminus Landscape -Has many techniques, tutorials

Ultra high def picture of Mt Everest

Adobe Digital Negative converter. Converts raw files to DNG that can be used on all Adobe products.

Time lapse video software.

Equivalence Calculator

Humans of New York Pictures. Well worth reading random people's stories.

Best Micro SD Cards



Nikon specialty parts. BocaPhoto

Quality lubricant for focus mechanism.

Micro-Tools have camera and lens lubricants as well as tools. Flash gel holder.

Peak Design Strap - Best out there for all day comfort. Forget the slings and wide pad. Narrow is the way to go! You won't regret, and never turn back.

Sensor cleaning sticky stick.


Add CPU to old lens. Legacy2Digital.

Sony 828 Review

Sony DSC-R1 Got one of the best Zesis 24-120mm f2.8-4.8 lens on it.

Bellex Zerostat anti static gun. Sounds like it can remove static from sensor, but beware the high voltage can damage electronics. Some feedback said it does not work.