Walkera Genius 3D Micro Helicopter

Walkera really hit the nail on the head with this one. Is truly a genius. It can fly indoor, and accomodate from a beginner to expert 3D pilots. Has incredible stability in 6 axis mode. This is one helicopter I am not afraid of flying within an inch of furniture. Is that stable. With some easy mod, my 3rd grade son easily flew it the first time. His only other experiance is Nine Eagle co-axials.

Lightest weight of all micros at 41.7g with battery. That light weight makes flying so much better.

The obvious competition to the Genius is the MCPx. People who own both helicopter prefer the Genius for better 3D performance. Less tail blow out. Is also more durable than MCPx.


Landing Gear Reinforcement - The Best IMHO! Plus Canopy Saver

Servo Saver Mod - (Many people are thankful for this one)

Brushless Motor Mod

Pitch Curve for the Genius

Fixing the 6 Axis Issue

Genius for the Complete Beginner - Anyone can fly Mod

All Other Hints


Genius Challenge: Land on This 2.5" Diameter Helipad

Youtube video

Genius with beginner's mod is so easy to fly even my 3rd grade son flew it. His only other experience is with co-axial.






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