Walkera Genius Wire Interlocking Landing Gear


Update: 4/21/2012

Put on a new frame and did this mod. Crashed the helicopter numerous time. Some very hard crashes, and the landing gear still looks new!!! Nothing bent, nothing out of shape. This is a must do mod. Very happy with it.



Landing Gear Mod

The landing gear is the weakest part of the Genius. There are many mods to strengthen it. Range from completely cutting it off and using a gear from another helicopter to just scotch tape mod to bridge the two skids to prevent it from spreading in a crash.

Problem with the scotch tape mod and simlar mod to bridge the two skids is that it makes it harder to change battery. Using a landing gear from another helicopter is an extensive modification. I wanted a simple modification to keep the Genius in the original configuration. Don't want to cut, drill or glue pieces on. The glue joints are always the weak point.

Advantage of this mod:

-Wire reinforcement is interlocked into the frame. All the loads is transfered to the frame thru the interlocking points.

-No glue, screws or cutting.

-No interference with removal of battery

-No interference with canopy

-Very strong.


Link to full size plan:


Installation of landing gear use only 4 shrink wraps at the end of the wire. Nothing else.

Note: Best not to use hot air gun to shrink the shrink wrap. Blast of misdirected hot air can melt the plastic landing gear. Best to use a solder iron. Press the solder iron against the shrink wrap. Set the solder iron at low temperature. If a controllable solder iron is not available, then switch the solder iron on and off. Turn on the iron until shrink wrap starts to shrink, then turn off iron. Turn back on iron when it gets too cold again.

No interfrence with canopy or battery removal. Reinforcement is almost invisible.

Weights .9g with .032 wire. Thinner wire can be used for lighter weight. .032 wire is a good compromise between strength and weight.

Version 1 of the reinforcement on the Genius. The rear gear broke in a very hard landing. Without the wires, the entire gear would have snapped. The front on other side was already broken from before. With the wire, it held up the gear fine even with hard landing.






Canopy Mod



Old trick used by airplane maintenance people. To reduce stress in an area, drill a hole. The are of the canopy where landing gear pass thru always crack. Make a larger hole in that area.







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