Lightweight Carbon Fiber Seats



Carbon fiber seat is an easy way to loose weight. Many typicall seats weight close to a pound. Carbon fiber seat weight quarter of a pound. It does come with drawbacks. It may take time to get use to, but once you are use to it, is actually reasonably comfortable.

The Chinese carbon fiber seats from ebay or aliexpress are very low cost at around $30. Not much risk to try them out. Once I did, I loved them. There is a simplistic feel to them.

All these are generic saddles. I used Dodici as the brand because they show up a lot. Chances are they are all made from the same factory with the same mold or same mold design. They come under different name. Identify them by the looks.

I rate comfort on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being a normal performance padded saddle.


Dodici SD01 Pro

Comfort level 7. Works good all around. No numbness. The rear edge is thin, makes it difficult to drop back behind the saddle on a steep downhill. Feels like when you come forward, the thin V shaped rear edge acts like a fork on your private parts. Fixed that by tying the saddle back right up aginst the saddle. The top of the bag basically act as a bridge for the opening in the rear of the saddle. The saddle shape is little wider in the back, making it less friendly to drop back. Like to see edge of the saddle more rounded on the side for comfort. The tilt up on the rear of the saddle is just enough to prevent sliding backward.



Trigon VCS09

Comfort level 8 but... Although the scallops makes this saddle comfortable, the ridge in the center of the seat puts pressure on perineum region. That caused numbness on a long ride. If they just do one big scallop and take out the raised middle, this would be perfect. Dropping back on steep descend is easy. This one is expensive at $160.

Dodici SD11

Comfort leve: 6 This is workable, but the roundness on the top is not as comfortable as others. The opening is great for relieving pressure. No numbness. Curiously, SD01 above accomplish the same without the huge cutout. The rounded edges makes it easy to drop back on steep descend. Another issue with this is you are constantly sliding backward. You get use to pulling yourself forward once in a while when making a long climb. The generous rounded edge on the side of the saddle is comfortable.

Dodici SD17 Air

This looks promising. The tilt up in the back can keep you from sliding back. The V shape in the back may be similar to SD01 above. Makes it hard to drop back. Have not tried this yet.


This one also looks promising. The flat surface looks comfortable. Nice rounded edge on the side. Is the back tilted up enough?



Kocevlo has nice rounded edge on the side. Opening in the middle is good. Back is tilted up slightly. The two bumps on the sit bone may not be as comfortable as a flat surface.







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