Under the Magnificent Cross -
Crucifixion and Suffering with Christ



To "share his sufferings, becoming like him in His death" so that "I may attain to the resurrection from the dead." Phillipians 3:10

"The world has been crucified to me, and I to the world" Galatians 6:14


Do you have what it takes?



To find who God wants me to be.




Process of Reckoning

Understanding 1Corinthian 13-Love is Patient, Love is Kind...

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My! - But Wild Animals are Not Dangerous



Zac Poonen - This pastor from India seems to be living exactly the way Paul and Jesus intend for us to live.





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New Covenant and Drinking of the Wine

The highest law of the land, the Constitution is a living document, and not a dead document. Its application changes base on circumstance and technology. An example is the 2nd amendment right to bear arms which does not extend to nuclear weapons for very obvious reasons. Is God’s law living or dead? We know in the Old Testament, the 10 commandments were written by God on a stone table. The Jews did exactly as it was written. The law was given once, and is static. What about the New Testament? Jesus gave us a new covenant that has several new requirements.
One is you have to do the will of the Father, or Christ will reject you on the last day. But how do you know what is the will of the Father?
Another is you have to be perfect as the Father in heaven is perfect. But how can we be perfect?
Jesus said he did not abolish the Law, but to fulfill it. Not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished. Does that mean we have to hold to all 613 laws in the Old Testament? That is impossible in modern age.
The new covenant is a living covenant in that it adopts to circumstance and situations for each of us. All 613 laws has to be fulfilled base on the circumstance we are in. New covenant is a living law. For example Leviticus 19:19 You shall not “wear a garment upon you of two kinds of material mixed together”. Deuteronomy 22:11 said “you shall not wear a material mixed of wool and linen together.” So all outdoor clothing would be banned. They all have mixed fabric of nylon or polyester of some sort. Mixed fabric had a particular meaning 3000 years ago. Mixing may have something to do with worshiping different gods. In today’s situation, we have different laws. The new law for us would be you shall not wear a material mixed of polyester and polyurethane especially in Sunday service. You may only wear polyester and polyurethane if in a women or men only gym. We know exactly what that means, no tight fitting Spandex in church. Old Testament saints have their static law, and we have our new living law.
In the US, we have Supreme Court Justices to decide how to apply the Constitution to a particular circumstance. What about God’s law. Who helps us apply His law? God writes the law in our hearts so we know what they are. How does God write the law in our heart? We are in Jesus. How are we in Jesus? Thru the Holy Spirit, the helper. Jesus illustrated that in the communion. Matthew, Mark and Luke wrote that Jesus said this is My blood of the covenant, drink this. It explains to us we drink His blood, and His blood is in us. John is more to the point. It said He who eats My flesh and Drinks My blood abides in Me. When you eat Jesus, you are joining with Jesus. Is a very strong illustration of abiding in Christ. The Holy Spirit then convicts you what you need to do little by little. Then you know the will of God moment by moment.
You stop sin one by one. You cannot look to heaven and desire to be in third heaven like Paul at this very moment. Holy Spirit gives you one instruction at a time. You can't get to the next level until you pass the first. There is no turning around either. Instruction might be no watching secular movies. Wow, that is hard. Not all Christian will have the law on movies. You may have it just because you like movies so much that you can't imagine living without it. So it is unclean to those who thinks is unclean. You cannot skip that law and go onto the next one. Many Christians especially me got stuck at one law for decades. I look at other Christians and ask why they don't have that law? I excuse myself by saying is such a minor law, what is the big deal. Pursuit of career was my weakness, so God gave me that law because you cannot serve God and money at the same time. That was a tough one. The flip side is if you don't follow that one single law, the Spirit will depart, and you will backslide. Jesus said Christians have been granted the mysteries of kingdom of heaven. Mystery message is the will of God for us to carry out. But for those who have, more will be given. Whoever does not have, even what he has shall be taken away from him. Don't follow one law, and it will be taken away. Very dangerous. You follow one law at a time, and you will start to abide in Jesus. You will then be living by the Spirit.
What about perfection, how do we become perfect as the Father in heaven is perfect. Jesus overcame sin, so when you are in Jesus, you are given power to overcome sin. The more you give up the world, the more you abide in Christ, and the more you are able to overcome sin. We do that day by day. 2Cor 4:16 “though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day” We know Jesus is a very special person. Did you know Jesus created the universe? Yes He did. Do you believe that Jesus has the ultimate power? Yes He has. The power coming from Jesus helps you overcome porn, alcohol, depression, and lead you to a perfect life. The power is there to do God's will.