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Engineering Links

Crown Gears One way to quiet gears
Crown Gears paper.
DraftSight - Free 2D drafting program. 2D is obsolete, but what do you expect for free.
What is a 45 degree head. and how it works.
CNC controller with software.
Ever want to swim as fast as fishes under water? Lunocet carbon fiber fin will get you there. Will also slow down your credit card by $600.
If you are a landlubber and still like super human feats, then Jumping Stilts are what you are looking for. Baically a big spring under each feet.

3D Printing

Open Source 3D Printing - Bukobot is the web site that has the programs and manual for the open source machine.
Deezmaker is the shop that sells Bukobot.
Bukobot building instructions
Nozzle cleaning instruction
Turnkey (expensive) 3D rapid prototype machines:





Motor calc. post.
Micro Splines for small servos.

Micro glider. Fun to fly at the park. Maybe turn any small hill into slope soaring.

E-Flight UMX ASK-21 - Micro scale glider. Wingspan about 31". Nice looking airplane, but horrible sink rate. No longer produced.

Multiplex Blizzard:
Motor: 350Watts, 35mm dia. 42mm length Mounting: 25mm dia x M3 4PL. 5mm shaft. 1350rpm/V 9x6" prop (Power) or 1100 rpm/V 9X7" (Std). 39mm spinner. ESC: 37A max for std power, 54A max for power. Motor about 48A max current for 15sec.

E-Flight UMX Radian:
UM AS3X Programmer (SPMA3060) - Has software download. Also get from Spektrumrc.
Generic hints page.
Helpful page of links for programming.
--How to use programer for Win7
--Use of advanced software
Blenderm tape to reinforce wing mount.

Other Links

Olive Oil
Fresh olive oil may be the best for health benefit. - NPR
Olive oil is good for the heart. However, only if is virgin and fresh. Need to check the date to make sure is mad recently and not a year ago.
Possible source for the "right" kind of olive oil.
Olea Farm Olive Oil in Atascadero, CA
The Cheese Store of Beverley Hills
Pasolivo - in Paso Robles, CA
Calaveras Olive Oil in Copperopolis, CA

Unecessary Healthcare Alert Sites:


Random Web Pages:

Soylent: Name came from a 70's horror flick where people were ground into food in a post apocalyptic world. Now an entrepreneur wants to make a meal in a bag. $70 a month for those who are financially strapped.
Gold - Buy gold in LA
Gold Price - Coin price
Under the Magnificient Cross - Core of Christianity

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