Ben's Classic Tamiya R/C Car Home Page

The purpose of this web page is to discuss Tamiya's discontinued classic remote control cars. The general consensus for classic Tamiya R/C cars are the first 100 cars produced by Tamiya. However, the real collectable ones are the first 50.

In this web site, I have posted images of orignial manuals, description of cars and comparison of different models.

When I was around 10, I dreamed of owning one of many Tamiya remote control cars. It was either financial or parental hinderance that always kept me from purchasing my dream car. My mom was shocked when I told her how much just the car cost. Not to mention the cost of radio, battery and charger. My typical toy cost the same as a battery charger! Now 21 years latter and after college, I have the means to buy the same original Tamiya cars that I wanted.

Here are my collection of Tamiya Cars. Yup, they are the exact same one that I fell in love with in my early years.

Sand Scorcher Sale


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