Walkera Genius Absolute Beginner Mod

So easy to fly, person off the street can do it... Maybe

Why Genius? This is currently the only helicopter with 6 axis stabilization. Early Genius had some issue with the 6 axis mode, but latter version seem to have fixed that. With the 6 axis update, the Genius can be the most stable single rotor helicopter out there. Almost as stable as a coaxial helicopter.

Why not 45 deg bar helicopters like the CB100, Solo Pro or Blade mSR. One, they give you nasty habit that is hard to break latter on. Second, they are challenging only for a week. You will want to move on. What about fixed pitch 3 axis stabilized helicopter like the V100D01 or Blade mCP X. Question is why. Genius can be as easy to fly with this mod, so why waste money on an intermediate helicopter.

Why change the blade? Fixed pitch blades have a curve to them and provide lift at much slower speed. They are also more efficient. Slower speed means way less damage in a crash. Energy is square of speed, so slower speed means much less energy to dissipate in a crash. For some reason, the fixed pitch blade also made the helicopter way more stable. Probably some aerodynamic reason that is beyond my grasp at the moment.


1. Change the blades to CB100 blades or 4#3 blades (Better if you can find them).

2. Gear down to 6T. Use 6 teeth, .5mm mod and 1mm bore.

3. Set radio to zero and negative pitch. Lower throttle.

4. Optional, other mods to make the helicopter indestructable.

Step by step

Get the 4#3 blade, or cut down the CB100 blade by 2-3mm. Just measure and cut evenly. Using the CB100 blade cut down by 3mm at the root and tapper to 2mm at the tip works great. Very stable unlike the 4#3 blade that cause the helicopter to wiggle some.


Blade holder on the Genius is 3mm wide. CB100 and 4#3 blade is only 1mm wide, so you will have to make up the difference. Credit cards are not quite 1mm, so you will need to add something like the clear plastic from a blister pack. Ideally, use 1mm (.040 in) plastic sheets from hobby store.

Use a paper punch to punch out four circular 1mm thick piece of plastic. Drill a 1/16" hole in the middle as center as you can. Use the sam 1/16" drill, and enlarge the CB100 or 4#3 blade mounting hole. Mount the modified blade to the helicopter with the spacer one on top and one on bottom.

In summary, set throttle to 31% at mid stick. 38% at full stick. Here is the exact curve.

0% stick ->0% throttle

16% stick ->7% throttle

33.5% stick ->25% throttle

50% stick ->31% throttle

66.5% stick ->Inhibit

83.5% stick ->Inhibit

100% stick ->38% throttle

Inhibit means the transmitter will draw a straight line from previous point to the next point. Note that the throttle is limited to 38%. Blade is so efficient that there is no need for 100%, otherwise, the helicopter will go thru the roof. Just kidding.

Here is the pitch curve:

-100% stick-> -45% pitch

100% stick-> 30% pitch

Note: -100% stick is stick down. 100% stick is full stick. Note that you need negative pitch at stick down, and only slight pitch at full stick. This is because the blade being used is a fixed pitch blade, and they are always set at 0% pitch. Had to set the pitch at negative because rotor is spinning so fast that 0% pitch will result in lift off too soon.

Set the followin exponential for easier flying:

Elevator and Aileron +31% exponential.

After changing the blade, you can test fly the helicopter. However, it is recommended that the pinion be changed from 9T to 6T. Reason is because 8T pinion is for fast >4500 rpm rotor. Way too fast for the fixed pitch blades. Need to gear down to 6T. Otherwise, the motor will be running too slow and get bogged down. The thing with electric motor is that if it is bogged down, it will over heat. Need to gear down.

Take off the pinion on the motor by heating it with a lighter. It will just slide off once it gets hot. Put new pinion on the same way. Heat the pinion on a table with some protection like a tile or frying pan or something. Push the motor on once the pinion is hot. Should go on very easy.

Other indestructable mod:

The only thing that really need to be done is the landing gear mod. Highly highly recommended since the stock gear is quite weak, and if it breaks, you have to change the entire frame. Does not take long to do, and make for very stron landing gear.


Picture is worth a thousand words. Movie is even more. My 3rd grade son flying the Genius with this mod. He does not fly helicopters that often, and only had co-axial helicopter experiance.




The stock Walkera motor is too fast for the 4#3 blade. It can work, but is fast. Is even better to use the 4#3B motor: HM-4#3B-Z-26. Question is what gear to use. These are rough estimate on gear ratios: Stock 4#3A gear ratio is 7.749:1. Stock Genius ratio is 6.137:1. With a 6T motor pinion and stock Genius large gear, ratio is 8.301:1. Using a 7T motor pinion and stock Genius large gear is 6.944:1. Therefore, when using a 4#3B motor, use either a 6T motor pinion or 7T motor pinion.




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